Dolomite Soil Conditioner in Queensland

Soil conditioner is a great tool for anyone who grows crops or has a garden. Dolomite is a great choice for a natural soil conditioner, and Flinders Dolomite offers high-quality, affordable and effective dolomite soil conditioner in the Queensland area. Contact us today to learn more or order your own dolomite.

What Is Dolomite and What Does It Do?

Our dolomite is a fertilizer that contains magnesium and calcium. Technically, dolomite is a kind of limestone that we crush to a fine powder. But why would you want to fertilize your land with crushed limestone? Well, if you have over-used land or you’ve used other, acidic fertilizers in the past, your soil’s pH levels might be too acidic for your plants.

Dolomite is able to raise the pH levels of your soil so that your crops, plants, fruit trees and vineyards can access all of the nutrients in the soil that they need. The extra calcium in this mixture can especially help vegetables with a lot of seeds, like tomatoes. If your plants struggle to grow in your soil right now, you may need our dolomite soil conditioner to help bring the pH levels back to a healthy level.

Who Are Flinders Dolomite and Why Choose Us?

Flinders Dolomite has been in business since 1948. With more than 60 years of experience, we know how to best fertilize and care for the soil. We understand agriculture, and we want to help each of our customers have the most success possible with their crops and gardens.

Our dolomite comes in different sizes, from a full heavy haulage vehicle to 21 kg bags. Plus, we own the entire manufacturing process for our product, so we can offer you the fairest price. Contact us today on 07 32771166 to learn more and order our dolomite soil conditioner.